Sunday 1 November 2015


Recently I came up with an idea... I hope you're willing to help and support me in going forward with this.
Yes, the hashtag is yet another smashup of words... this time it's crochet, addiction, and charity lumped in to one. As my addiction to crochet continues (and as a lot of people have sent flattering comments on my creations, along with requests for themselves), I've decided to kick this up a notch.

My intention, and hope, is to crochet an item a month, and put it up on an auction site of some sort (we'll start with eBay, since everyone knows that one. Here's the listing:, with the notion that all proceeds from the sale of what I craft will be donated to a charitable cause.

Seeing as I already have a leaning towards something to do with education, and those who aren't privy to such, and with the Syrian refugee issue being a hot item in the news, I've decided to auction off a newly minted Baymax crochet doll for such a not only will you be getting a one of a kind, hand crafted doll by yours truly, you'll also know that all that was given for this will be sent to Save the Children.

As this series of crafted works continue, I hope to donate to various charities and causes, and where possible, I'll craft something that hopefully relates to that kind of charity or cause. Happy bidding!

front view - 26cm tall
back 3/4 view


  1. Well that didn't work... Learning nonetheless... Going to put Baymax in to a silent auction at the school.

  2. Next month's item will be put up shortly... stay tuned.